Our Demands

System Change – the First Steps

Humanity is sinking into poverty and misery, environmental destruction threatens the lives of billions, fascist movements are spreading worldwide, more and more wars are being fought, and the danger of a war between the major powers is growing. A fundamental cause of this misery is the exploitation of humans and nature by capitalism. It pits all people against each other and subjugates them to its exploitation in pursuit of maximum profits.

A system change requires a broad societal majority – one that we must collectively achieve.

As first steps, we demand:

  1. Democratic Organisation of Basic Services
    Healthcare, housing & heating, communication, and mobility are basic human needs. Therefore, we demand that hospitals and nursing homes, energy and water supply, communication networks, transportation companies etc. be removed from capital exploitation and operated as public or cooperative enterprises under democratic control.
  2. Energy from Wind and Solar instead of Coal and Nuclear Power
    Instead of replacing gas and oil with LNG or fracking gas, coal, and nuclear power, we demand a consistent transition of the entire energy generation to less harmful and renewable technologies like wind and solar energy. Housing should be modernized for energy efficiency without passing on the costs to residents.
  3. Phase-Out of the Most Environmentally Harmful Industries
    The most energy-intensive and environmentally harmful industries such as the automotive, chemical, and aviation industries or industrial animal farming must be immediately transformed and downsized, construction projects reduced, and housing built ecologically. Freight transport should be reduced and shifted to rail. Destruction of nature to meet the consumerist needs of metropolitan areas must no longer be outsourced to other world regions, such as the Global South.
  4. Public transport instead of SUVs
    We want to massively expand bus, tram, and train services and hire more staff for this purpose. Public transport should be free for all. The production of cars must be drastically reduced, and their use should be reserved for people with disabilities, rural areas, as well as car-sharing and pooled taxis. Air travel should be largely discontinued, especially short-haul flights.
  5. Homes to Those Who Live in Them
    The houses of real estate companies should be transferred to communal or cooperative ownership, and the land should be municipalized. All residents should be provided with their apartments at cost price, community spaces should be added. We demand: No profiting off of rent!
  6. Shut down the Arms Industry
    This industry only causes suffering and destruction. Its capital should be used to compensate its victims or their survivors.
  7. Overcome Oppressive Gender Relations
    Patriarchal structures must be fought, violence by men must be condemned and curtailed. We demand the right to bodily self-determination, such as the right to abortion, as well as sexual and gender self-determination. We demand equal pay for equal work. Care work must not continue to be primarily imposed on women but must be organized and fairly distributed within society.
  8. Redistribution from Top to Bottom
    We demand a radical reduction of working hours and heavy taxation of larger fortunes. Rich people have the largest ecological footprint; their consumption must be drastically reduced. Total consumption of resources, energy, and land must be reduced while simultaneously eliminating poverty, so that a materially worry-free life for everyone within planetary boundaries becomes possible.
  9. Against State Repression – for a Democratic Economy and Society
    At present, fundamental rights such as freedom of speech and assembly are at stake again. The state is cracking down heavily on anti-fascists and the climate movement. We demand an end to repressive measures such as preventive detention, the tightening of police laws, or the ban on political strikes. Furthermore, we want fundamental working and living conditions to be decided upon democratically at the grassroots level.
  10. Open Borders and Equal Rights for All People Living Here
    The isolation of Europe must end, racist violence and harassment must be abolished. All people living and/or working here should have equal rights, including the right to vote and the right of residence.

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