LEA attended the Let’s Socialize Conference 2024

Members of the Left Ecological Association participated in this year’s Let’s Socialize Conference from March 15th to 17th, 2024, at Lake Werbellin near Berlin. The conference was themed “Let’s socialize – Socialization as a strategy for climate justice” and offered a diverse range of topics related to socialization in areas such as mobility, care work, energy, and agriculture. The ecological perspective was consistently integrated – a position that LEA also strongly advocates for.

We primarily focused on mobility and care at the conference, and connected with activists from various groups, such as the initiatives “Stop Tesla” or “Transform Shopping Malls into Care Centers.” On Friday and Saturday, there were input lectures from activists, union members, and researchers. This was followed by small group sessions to develop concrete project ideas and campaigns. Discussions revolved around how critical areas of social provision can be organised outside the profit logic, how democratically controlled conversion can work, and how “public luxury” for all can replace large private fortunes.”