Solidarity with the forest occupation in Grünheide!

Yesterday, the “Stop Tesla!” initiative occupied a piece of forest near Grünheide.

In the neighbouring factory, Tesla has been producing wastewater for several years, the toxic content of which exceeds the limit values many times over, and reports far more occupational accidents than is usual in comparable plants.

The company benefits from a misguided climate and transport policy that relies on luxurious electric cars instead of ecologically compatible public transport, even though their production causes more ecological damage than conventional cars.

Tesla wants to expand its facilities to the area that is now occupied. The people of Grünheide voted against this expansion a few days ago. But statements from politicians and Tesla show that every effort will be made to go through the expansion and go against this democratic vote.

The forest occupiers want to prevent this. Their intervention is democratically legitimised and environmentally sensible!

We therefore call on those responsible in politics and the administration to show the squatters the benevolence with which they have so far treated the car manufacturers driven by private profit interests:

  • The occupation must be tolerated and go unpunished!
  • Restrictive regulations must be relaxed!
  • The demands of the squatters must be given top priority!

This means

  • No expansion of the Tesla plant and preservation of the forest!
  • No more pollution of water by Tesla!

Furthermore, we demand:

  • Expansion of rail transport and local public transport!
  • Free and environmentally friendly mobility for all instead of profits for Tesla!
  • Grassroots democratic planning, control and organisation of the entire production by the people of the community or region!

Stop Tesla!