Upcoming events

11 July 2024 – Political perspectives of the anti-Tesla movement

Ongoing LEA online meetings

8 August 2024 – discussion topic to be announced
5 September 2024 – discussion topic to be announced

  • Meetings are generally held online every other week on Thursday starting at 7 pm – every second meeting is held as a public meeting including a discussion topic.
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Ongoing events

Working group “Gesellschaftskritik” – every third Monday of the month – all details here.

Past events

4 – 7 July, 2024 | LEA offsite workshop in Leipzig

18 – 21 April, 2024 | LEA offsite workshop in Berlin
Given the current events, the global resurgence of antisemitism, even within parts of the left, and our own ongoing discussion, we began our meeting with a tour of the New Synagogue Berlin – Centrum Judaicum. Until Saturday evening, we critically engaged with communal self-governance in theory, practice, and history (M. Bookchin, Global Modules/P.M., Marinaleda/Andalusia, Red Vienna) and worked on applications today. On Sunday, befriended comrades presented artistic designs, through which we discussed suitable left-wing visual languages and design principles. Finally, we discussed how to onboard new group members, the communication culture we cultivate within the group, and which topics and areas of action we want to focus on next.

8 February 2024 | ONLINE
Theory and examples of council structures

14 December 2023 | ONLINE
LEA online meeting – discussion topic: „A brief history of the Middle East Conflict“

5 December 2023 | BERLIN
The fight for Berlin’s drinking water – Tesla’s Gigafactory in Grünheide and the water crisis; Lecture and discussion in Berlin (Helle Panke, held in German)

Blue Ribbon campaign against Tesla – Stand with us to protect the endangered forest and take a stand against the expansion of the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide (11am at S-Bahn station Fangschleuse, reachable via RE1 from Ostkreuz) – all details here

November 24 – 26, 2023 | LEA offsite workshop in Potsdam
On Friday we started with a city tour through Babelsberg – many thanks to the Rotes Nowawes history workshop for the interesting insights into the history of the city. This time the focus was on the topic of strategy – we discussed various strategies and tactics of political action, the situation of the left and possible scope for action in the current environment. A focus was also on the “Turn off the tap for Tesla” alliance, which we co-founded in June 2023, and the further course of action. On Saturday we continued working on our position papers and discussed the topics of the state and antisemitism. On Sunday we focused on practical aspects, including our website, social media strategies, the process of having new members join and reaching out to like-minded left-wing groups for cooperations.

July 27 – 30, 2023 | LEA offsite workshop in Potsdam
The meeting began on Friday with a small tour of the city with a representative of “Vernetzung Süd” and an introduction to the challenges of the initiative, which is committed to the issues of housing, rents and urban development in Connewitz and Südvorstadt. On Friday evening the topic of the Ukraine war was discussed again.
On Saturday, we took on the topics of anti-racism/colonialism and feminism/queer feminism to develop a joint basis for our position papers. The conclusion on Sunday was discussions about next steps, forms of action and networking.

July 27, 2023 | LEIPZIG
Green Capitalism? Criticism of the Green New Deal and left ecological alternatives (lecture & discussion with Peter Bierl) – all details here.

April 25 – May 23 | Online
Reading group on Materialist Theories of Racism – all details here

March 23, 2023 | Potsdam
7.30 pm Discussion at the bookstore Sputnik
“Realpolitik into the abyss: Lützerath, the parties and capitalism”.
All details here

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