Blue Ribbon campaign against Tesla

Prevent the factory expansion!
The Tesla factory in Grünheide is already endangering the drinking water supply of its direct surroundings area and of Berlin. Now the company wants to expand the facility and buy and destroy another 170 hectares of forest from the state of Brandenburg! The local water association and the forestry administration are against it. But state politics still puts the profits of a car company above water protection. The mining of raw materials for electric cars endangers water worldwide. Instead of cars for a few, we now need a locally and globally fair mobility transition for everyone.

Blue line against Tesla, for the water!
But there is a chance to stop Tesla. The Grünheide municipal council can speak out against the expansion in mid-December. Shortly before the vote, we want to send a strong signal!

Hold the Blue Ribbon against the Tesla expansion with us! Stand in protection of the endangered forest.

Date: Saturday, December 9, 2023
Time: 11 a.m
Meeting point: Fangschleuse train station (RE1 from Ostkreuz)

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