October 7 and the Gaza War: Critical Insights from an Israeli Observer

Online discussion with José Brunner

José Brunner is a political scientist and historian and works at University of Tel Aviv. He talks about the current conflict, its background and prospects for ending the violence.

He criticizes the right-wing Israeli government and its violent settlement and occupation policy on the one hand, and the Hamas terror regime, which oppresses the population of the Gaza Strip and abuses them as human shields, on the other. While Israel has the Holocaust in its collective memory, the Palestinians have the Nakba. Both sides rightly see the other as a threat, are driven by a justified existential fear and uphold an uncompromising claim of entitlement.

A detailed interview with José Brunner in German has been published in the Swiss online magazine Republik.

Date: 25 January 2024
Time: 7pm
Dial-in details:
please register at hello@join-lea.org
The input and discussion will be held in German, questions in English will be translated.

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