“Even if XR’s demands are deeply bourgeois, the left should not be conceited and ignorant about the climate movement” – Radio interview

Radio interview with RDL from 3 March 2023

Announcement by RDL Radio Dreyeckland:

“‘Active together for a just and sustainable world’: on Climate Strike Day (3 March 2023), the link between ecological and social/economic concerns is quite clear. ‘We know who is responsible for these catastrophes and who ensures that no action is taken: for decades, big corporations have been influencing politics so that they can continue to make profits – and on the backs of all of us. This has to stop’, says the appeal. Nevertheless, the demands of some prominent climate initiatives do not do justice to the fundamental change that is needed to really fight climate change and environmental destruction. Climate protection and capitalism are incompatible. This is pointed out by the Left Ecological Association (LEA). We spoke with journalist and author Peter Bierl, who is part of LEA, about why ideas of a ‘green economy’ are often misleading and sometimes even small reformist initiatives may help to prevent the worst.”

Listen to the recording [GERMAN]

Link to RDL

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